Cinta atau Nafsu??

Is it Love or Lust?

The difference between love and lust

What Love is…
Love is loyal.
Love is wanting the best for the other person.
Love is compromising and working things out in a way that you both can win.
Love is finding common ground.
Love is trying to come together in a way that makes the world a better place.
Love is selfless.
Love is caring about the other person’s emotional needs and feelings.

What Lust is…
Lust is self-gratification.
Lust is obsessive.
Lust is tied to sexual gratification.
Lust is selfish.
Lust doesn’t consider the other persons wants and needs.
Lust doesn’t care about how the other person’s day went.
When someone’s in lust they aren’t interested in meeting family or friends.
Lust is wanting something to the point that you don’t care who gets hurt.
Lust manipulates, destroys and controls.
Lust often involves raging.
People who lusts may think they are in love, but the fire burns out quickly when they get the person or thing they lust for.
Lust NEVER last.

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